Radical 阝

Used in:
courtyard, institution  
Moon, cloudy, shady, rearside, Yin of (Yin:阴/Yang:阳)  
Sun, positive, sun, male principle, Yang of (Yin:阴/Yang:阳)  
interjection of surprise: Ah!, Oh!  
to attach, to add, to be close to  
to get rid of, to remove, to exclude  
exclamation of approval or doubt  
troops, team, squadron, group  
to follow, to comply with, to allow  
border, edge, boundary  
danger, risk, rugged, narrow pass  
to accompany, to keep sb company  
to fall (rain), to drop, to descend, to surrender  
to obstruct, to hinder, to block, prevent  
to separate, to partition, in distance, delayed  
limit, bound  
stairs, rank, step, hierarchy  
to protect, to defend, guard, dam, dike  
disposition of troops, front, classifier for short durations  
raised path, street  
mainland, continent, shore, land  
to trap, to capture (in battle), defect, submerge  
mound, tomb, hill, mountain  
pottery, pleased  
concealed, secret, hidden, crypto-...  
to fall, to drop, to weigh down  
steep, precipitous, abruptly, unexpected  
crack, crevice, gap or interval, discord, rift  
to exhibit, to display, old, stale  
to hinder, block, obstruct  
vulgar, low, plain, ugly, mean, ignorant  
intense, prosperous, to swell, to bulge  
to degenerate, destroy, to fall, overthrow  
narrow, defile, pass, confined, in distress  
hole, pitfall  
ellipse, oval, elliptic  
tunnel, underground passage  
the steps to the throne  
Bodhisattva, enlightenment, Buddhist god  
the Sui dynasty (581-617 AD)  
(family name Ruǎn)  
to fall, to perish, meteor  
abbr. for Gansu province 甘肃省  
(phonetic) declivity, steep bank  
mound, abundant  
a slope, hillside  
窿 cavity, hole  
abbr. for Shaanxi 陕西 province  

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