Radical 匕

spoon, ladle

Used in:
talent, ability, capability  

some, few, several, small amount  

aged/old (of people), venerable, experienced  


End-particle: "What about...?", "And...?", "okay?"  

to compare, to contrast, gesture with hands, Belgium  

it, (used for lifeless things)  

change, transform, to make into  

bear, raging flames  

discuss, to comment on, theory, to evaluate  

this, these  

to die, impassable, inflexible  


finger, to point at or to, to indicate  

purple, violet, amethyst  

snake, serpent  

incline, to collapse, to overturn, to tend  

mud, clay, paste, pulp  

fat, rouge (cosmetics), resin  

coherence, human relationship, order  

clever, gifted, new and original, head of grain  

order, purpose, imperial decree, aim  

a little while ago, unit of area equal to 100 亩 or 6.67 hectares  

Buddhist nun, (often used in phonetic spellings)  

to scold, shout at, to hoot at  

girl, phonetic "ni" (in girl's name)  

dagger, ladle, ancient type of spoon  

arrange, (mountain range in Xinjiang)  

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