Radical 勹

Used in:
to drink, to shout loudly, My goodness!  
sentence, clause, phrase  
package, to cover, to wrap  
grapes, Portugal  
spoon, ladle, centiliter (i.e. 10 ml)  
chest, thorax, bosom, heart, mind  
hurried, hasty  
to wash, clean out, cleanse, eliminate, dredge  
do not  
to hook, to attract, to arouse, collude  
to fish out (from pocket), to scoop  
pottery, pleased  
to rear, to bring up, to raise  
beautiful sound, charm, vowel, rhyme  
Hungary, Hungarian  
your (honorific), [historic weight 30 catties], great  
suburbs or outskirts  
larva, caterpillar, abbr. for Sichuan 四川  
bracelet, armband  

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