Radical 頁

Meaninghead, leader
Used in:
topic, problem for discussion, subject, to inscribe  
color, face, countenance  
to take into consideration, to look after  
beard, mustache, feeler (of insect), to have to  
head, leader, chief  
sequence, order, to obey, to follow, favorable  
page, sheet, leaf  
to bother, to trouble, to feel vexed  
beforehand, in advance, predict, forecast  
huge, massive, large, big  
small spheres: pearls, grains, satellites, planets  
frequently, often, repetitious  
neck, collar, to lead, to receive  
apex, to carry on the head, summit  
to pause, meal, bout, to stop  
back of neck, item, thing, term sum (of money), projects  
mansion, tall building, rear annex, lean-to  
forehead, share, portion, amount  
incline, to collapse, to overturn, to tend  
to tremble, to shiver, to shake, to vibrate  
stupid, obstinate, stubborn, mischievous, naughty  
rather, considerably, inclined, slanting  
neck, nape, throat  
apex, top (of the head), to fall forwards, inverted  
promulgate, publish, issue, to confer  
to praise, ode, bless, eulogy  
clever, gifted, new and original, head of grain  
to be close to, near, to approach  
a little while ago, unit of area equal to 100 亩 or 6.67 hectares  
cackling sound, creak, crunch  
convulsions, crazy, mentally deranged  
clamor, screaming, noise, rampant  
to crumble, to collapse, to decline, decadent, dejected  
cheek, lower cheek, chin, jaw, to nourish  
few, widowed  
jaw (= maxilla and mandible)  
fly upward (bird), soar, contest  
anxious, grieved  
river in Anhui, grain husk, tip of sth short and slender  
jaw, palate  

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