Radical 刀

Meaningknife, sword
Used in:
that, those, then (in that case)  
to divide, to separate, to distinguish, part, fraction  
how, which  
to break up, unravel, to separate, solution, to melt  
single-edged sword, knife, blade  
to cut, to slice  
to call together, to summon, to convene  
to cut (with scissors), shears, to trim  
trade, commerce  
at first, (at the) beginning, junior  
ticket, voucher, contract, deed  
to hack, to chop, to split open, (of lightning) to strike  
garrulous, prattle, to receive the benefit of  
to hold between the teeth, ...in the mouth  
to engrave, carve, to chisel away at  
lax, relaxed, negligent  
edge of blade  
to carve, carved words, a contract, agreement  
wicked, artful  

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