Radical 雨

Used in:
snow, snowfall  
zero, nought, remnant, remainder  
to require, to need, to want, necessity, need  
thunder, terrific  
fog, mist  
to leak, to divulge, to leave out by mistake, funnel  
to sprinkle, to spray, to spill, to shed  
to shake (earth quake), to vibrate, to tremble, excited, shocked  
mold, mildew, fungi, moldy  
to come to appearance, reveal, show, nectar  
tyrant, hegemon, to rule by force, to usurp  
Confucius, scholar  
red clouds, afterglow, red sunset  
frost, white powder or cream  
hail, hailstorm  
multicolored clouds, cloud pattern  
firmament, heaven  
continued rain  
clap of thunder  
all of a sudden, drizzle  
clap of thunder  
clap of thunder  
secondary rainbow  
beat, hit, to grind, to beat (a drum)  

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