Radical 隹

short tailed bird

Used in:
who, whose, to whom  

to allow, to grant, in accordance with, approved, standard  

difficult (to...), problem, disaster, to scold  

to push (forward), to pass sth, nominate  

to sell, to make or carry out (a plan or intrigue etc)  

to preserve, to maintain, to hold together  

pile, heap, stack, mass, to pile up  

to gather, collect, collected works  

male, imposing, powerful  

coast, beach, shoal  

to urge, to press, to prompt, to rush sb  

only, alone, sole, -ism  



brilliant, sparkle, glorious  

employee, to hire, to rent  

eagle, to engrave, shrewd  

to carry, to take along, to bring along, to hold (hands)  

a section, to cut off (a length)  

to spread out, vendor's stand  

to destroy, break, devastate, repress  

sparrow, (=small bird), a freckle, lentigo  


spine, vertebra, backbone, mallet  

infantile, young  

paralyzed, limp  

eagle, falcon, hawk   广

only, however, nevertheless  

to jab, to poke, to stab, to blunt, to fuck (vulgar)  

reef, shoal rock  

cone, awl, to bore  

name of a river, that flows into lake Hongze  

high mountain, precipitous  

wild goose  

to startle, to get frightened  


firewood, gather wood  

curtain, screen  

chick, young bird  

haggard, pallid and thin  


to seize, to snatch, to grab  

to exorcise demons  

long-tail pheasant  

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