Radical 金

Meaninggold, metal
Used in:
coin, money, unit of weight (approx. 5 gram)  
bell, clock, time at clock, handleless cup  
flawed, mistake, wrong, interlocking, to polish  
lead (chemical element)  
silver, silver-colored  
iron (metal)  
forge, to discipline  
needle, pin, injection  
mirror, lens  
bond (chemistry), (door lock) key, key(keyboard)  
gold, money, metal  
to melt (metal), to cancel, to sell, to spent, bolt  
to lock up, to lock  
(small) bell  
pot, pan, boiler  
to fish with a hook and bait  
copper (chemistry)  
acute, intense, sharp, penetrating, pointed  
to press down, to suppress, garrison, small town  
brocade, embroidered work, bright  
to engrave, inscribed motto  
royal, imperial, to respect, to admire  
to hook, to sew, to crochet  
nail, to pin up, sew on  
to spread, lay out, cover, place to sleep  
hold in the mouth, harbor (feelings), title  
mirror, reflection, to inspect, to review  
point of a spear, edge of a tool, vanguard  
to cast or found metals  
paper money, banknote, dollar bill, to copy  
to drill, bore, auger, dig into (studies), diamond  
hammer, to hammer into shape, weight  
calcium (chemistry, Ca)  
to inlay, to embed, ridge, border  
blunt (i.e. knife), stupid  
to corrode, to rust  
to engrave, carve, to chisel away at  
button, knob  
armed escort, throwing weapon, dart  
tin (chemistry), to bestow, confer, grant  
your (honorific), [historic weight 30 catties], great  
pound (sterling)  
to shovel, to remove, spade, to root up  
cone, awl, to bore  
a saw, stapling or cramping broken pieces together  
uranium (chemistry, U)  
clang of metals, clash, small gong  
aluminum (chemistry: Al)  
encourage, endeavor, to cut, to strive  
pincers, pliers, tongs, claw (of animal), to clamp  
sodium (chemistry)  
zinc (chemistry)  
a hoe, to hoe or dig, to weed, get rid of  
small earthenware plate or basin, a monk's alms bowl  
weight unit =1/24 Liang = 2 or 3 grams  
large ancient bell  
manacle, shackles, fetters  
kettle, cauldron  
sickle, scythe  
(symbol of prosperity & wealth)  
bracelet, armband  
barium (chemistry)  
-plated, to plate, galvanize, coating  
restrain, to stop, obstinate disease  
tinkling of small bells  

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