Radical 酉

Meaningwine, alcohol
Used in:
alcohol, wine, liquor  
to wake up (after drinking), to sober up  
honorific, to honor, to respect  
sour, acid  
to join, fit, mate, mix, complete  
to obey, comply with, to observe, to follow  
to be drunk, intoxicated  
to crouch, to squat  
vinegar, jealousy (in love rivalry)  
sauce, paste (of fermented soya bean), jam  
ruthless, cruel, harsh, strong (e.g. of wine)  
to reward, to repay, to return, compensate  
to settle, to lay foundation, to fix, pay respect  
to ferment, to brew, form gradually  
to pour wine & drink wine, to deliberate, to consider  
to brew  
enzyme, ferment  
alcohol, wine with high alcohol content, pure  
tribal chief  
flaky pastry, crunchy, limp, soft, silky  
yeast, leavening, fermentation  
drunk, intoxicated  
curdled milk, cheese  
wine mug, alcohol, (astrol:) rooster  
ketone (chemistry)  
to dip in (ink, sauce etc)  

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