Radical 几

Meaningsmall table
Used in:
machine, engine, opportunity  
almost, how much, a few, small table  
to shine, bright, clear, brilliant, resonant  
blossom, flower, earlobe  
tiny, miniature, profound, micro-  
to lean against, to rely on, on the basis of, proof  
to sink, to submerge, to immerse, to keep down  
admire, to respect, to wear (belt etc)  
flesh, muscle  
shell, carapace, crust (earth's crust etc)  
ordinary, commonplace, temporal  
bald, blunt  
ridicule, to mock  
bench, stool  
to crumble, to collapse, to decline, decadent, dejected  
irregular pearl  
incantation, magic spell, curse, malediction  
triumphant, victorious, chi (Greek letter Χχ)  
Osmunda regalis, a species of fern  
jetty, mole, breakwater  
superfluous, extraneous, redundant, busy  

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