Radical 足


Used in:
foot, to be sufficient, ample  

to run, to escape, race  

to jump, to hop, to skip over, to bounce, to palpitate  

road, path, way  

to kick (a ball), to play (e.g. soccer)  

heel, to follow closely, to go with  

distance, at a distance of, to be apart  

to jump, to leap  

fulfill (a promise), tread, walk  

to urge, urgent, to press (for action), hurried  

to crouch, to squat  

to step on, to tread, to stamp, to press a pedal  

to tread on, to stamp, to press a pedal  

to step across, to stride over, to straddle, to span  

to come to appearance, reveal, show, nectar  

to capture, to clutch, to grab  

footprint, footmark, trace, tracks  

to kneel  

to tumble, to drop, to fall  

impatient, hot-tempered, excited  

to tread on, to trample, dance, to stamp, to fulfill  

to jump, to bounce, to hop  

to lie on one's stomach, to lean forward  

to tread on, to pedal, to step on  

step on, trample, to waste, wreck  

to leap, to jump, enthusiastically  

travel, walk  

to stroll, to pace  

toe, tracks, footprints  

jump, stagger, sway from side to side  

hesitate, pace back and forth, waver   寿

hesitate, indecisive  

stagger, sway from side to side, swinging  

squat, entrench, be based upon  

to walk on tiptoe, to walk quietly, tread (on), follow  

to follow, to arrive, heel  

to rub against, to walk slowly  

tumble, fall  

raise one's foot  

to stomp (or stamp) one's feet, to step  

to leap up  


to trample down, to oppress, to overrun, overflood  

hoof, pig's trotters  

crippled, lame  

to limp, hobble, stagger  

ankle, malleolus  

footpath, narrow trail  

to knit (one's brows), to hesitate, distressed  

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