Radical 豕

Used in:
household, family, businesses, specialist  
to resemble, to appear, to seem, image, portrait  
elephant, shape, form, appearance, comparable to  
oak, acorn  
to chase, to pursue, gradually, one by one  
superior, grand, heroic, luxurious  
to hesitate, happy, carefree, at one's ease  
fate, predestined affinity, karma, cause, margin, hem, edge  
perseverance, endurance, resolute staunch  
to deceive, cheat, hoodwink, unconscious  
sow grain  
to cut (gems)  
tunnel, underground passage  
hazy, deceive, indistinct  
burial mound, senior (i.e. eldest person in rank)  
air-raid shelter, trench  
pig, boar of the 12th earthly branch: 9-11 p.m.  
howl, bawl  
suckling pig  
to peck  
to satisfy, to succeed, finally, to proceed  
to rear/raise (animals)  
fast, hurry, suddenly  
profound, mysterious, deep, detailed, distant  
beak, snout, to pant  

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