Radical 豆

Used in:
to be happy, to like, to enjoy, glad  
short or brief, to lack, weak point, fault  
to ascend, to mount, to step on, publish  
drum, to rouse, to beat, convex  
bean, peas, sacrificial vessel  
excellent, auspicious  
to tease (play with), to stay, to pause  
to stare at, to open (one's eyes) wide, to glare at  
clear, limpid, to purify, settle (liquid)  
to tread on, to pedal, to step on  
orange tree, orange (color)  
bench, stool  
virtuous, admirable, esteemed, restrain  
wardrobe, closet, cabinet  
to choke (on), to choke up, suffocate  
surname Peng  

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