Radical 冫

Used in:
to allow, to grant, in accordance with, approved, standard  
next in sequence, the second (day, time etc)  
ice, to freeze  
to decide, to determine, definitely  
clean, completely, only  
to reduce, subtract, to lower, to diminish  
moreover, not to mention, condition, situation  
cold, poor, to tremble  
cool, cold  
to rush, clash, rinse, go straight ahead  
to approach, encroach, thick ice, maltreat  
weak, feeble, young, inferior  
to freeze, to feel very cold, aspic or jelly  
to gather together, pool or collect, happen by chance  
to congeal, coagulate, to gaze/stare at sb.  
sad, mournful, ice-cold frigid, dismal, grim, bleak  
to assist by the arm, to support, sustain  
metallurgy, to smelt, cast, to mould  
to gallop, to assist, to attack  
freezing, shiver with cold or fear, strict, afraid, stern  
to drown, to indulge, addicted to, to spoil (a child)  

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