Radical 衣

Used in:
clothes, to dress, to wear  
hello (on telephone), to feed (i.e. animal)  
exterior surface, outside, to show (one's opinion)  
journey, travel, trip  
bedding, cover, quilt, by (passive)  
pants, trousers, drawers  
shirt, gown, robe, jacket with open slits in place of sleeves  
inner layer of garment, underwear, lining  
exhibition, to spread out, open up, prolong  
bag, a pouch, sack, pocket  
socks, stockings  
to cut out (as a dress), trim, reduce, decision, judgment  
peasant, to farm, agriculture  
costume, clothing, pretend, install, equipment  
to repair, to patch, to mend, supplement  
to boil (liquid), to roll, tumble  
to depend on, according to, rely on  
at first, (at the) beginning, junior  
to bind, to wrap, a bundle, a parcel  
descendants, ethnic (..chinese)  
rich, abundant  
to tear, split, crack, to break open, to rend  
awe, reverence, to fear, to dread  
inner feelings  
to attack, to raid, invade, to inherit  
gown (lined), robe  
sleeve, to tuck inside one's sleeve  
to become weak, deteriorate, decline, wane  
mourn, mourning, funeral  
skirt, petticoat, lower garment  
bundle wrapped in cloth  
sorrow, grief, pity, to lament, to condole  
long robe (old)  
lapel, overlap of Chinese gown, heart, aspiration  
fur, fur coat  
to help, to assist, assistance  
surname Pei  
coat, jacket, gown, ensheath  
to take off (clothes), to fade  
coat, jacket, lined winter coat  
disrespectful, obscene, licentious  
delicate, graceful, curling  
roll over on side (in bed), roller  
to praise, to honor, to commend  
to bare  
to cuddle, embrace, fondle  
millstone, stone roller, to grind, crush, husk  
pleat, crease  
surname Chu  
coarse woolen cloth, dull, dark  

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