Radical 艮

Meaningnot good
Used in:
very (adverb of degree), quite, awfully  
eye, classifier for hollow things (wells, pots)  
heel, to follow closely, to go with  
root, basis, classifier for long slender objects (cigarettes)  
silver, silver-colored  
leg, lower extremities  
general, approximate  
immediate, prompt, namely, to approach  
already, since, both... (and...)  
to hate, bitterness, to regret  
退 to retreat, to decline, to move back, to withdraw  
limit, bound  
difficult, hard, hardship, terrible (task)  
good, very, very much  
scar, traces  
generous, sad  
fierce, vicious, heartless  
high ranking official (old), honorific (old)  
to cultivate, to reclaim (land)  
to take off (clothes), to fade  
to splash, pump water, to whisper, to mutter  
to bite, to gnaw, gums (of the teeth)  

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