Radical 羽

Used in:
to practice, to study, habit  
to turn over, to flip over, to overturn  
feather, plumage  
fan, ventilator, with a hinge (door, window)  
wing, shark's fin  
耀 brilliant, sparkle, glorious  
wing, flank, to assist  
to soar, to glide, to hover  
collapse, to fall in ruins  
to raise tail feather, outstanding, to rise on one end, to tilt  
step on, trample, to waste, wreck  
bluish-green, green jade  
onomat. buzz (of bees), hum, drone  
surname Liao  
to jab, to poke, to stab, to blunt, to fuck (vulgar)  
writing brush, writing, pen  
low bed, couch  
elderly man, father  
fan into a flame, incite  
empty, lonesome, very few  
to fly, to flutter, spry, graceful  
mu (Greek letter μ), to wind round, bind  
to kill  
tail feathers, plume  
ocean, vastness  
the next, the following, bright, tomorrow  
vivid, lifelike, oak (Quercus serrata)  
pleat, crease  
announce, make known, brag/boast, harmony, popular  
long-tail pheasant  

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