Radical 网

Used in:
net, network  
to punish, to penalize  
patrol, logic  
to place, position, to install, to put  
virtue, goodness, ethics, character, Germany  
to arrange, to exhibit, to move to and from, a pendulum  
cover, fish trap (basket), shade  
sin, crime, guilt, blame  
to cease, stop, dismiss, suspend, quit  
rare, seldom  
unexpectedly, to stare blankly, distracted, rashly  
government office, bureau, to sign  
belittle, ignore, nothing  
(final exclamatory particle)  
nobility, duke, baron, lord  
radish, turnip, creeping plant  
to sift, gauze, to collect, chatty  
corner, edge, square beam  
bridle, halter, to restrain, to detain, to lodge, inn  
potato, yam  
daybreak, dawn, the dawn of a new epoch (metaphor)  
larva, caterpillar, abbr. for Sichuan 四川  
disconcerted, discouraged, dejected, disappointed  
bracelet, armband  
stars of the Big Dipper  

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