Radical 八

Used in:
to divide, to separate, to distinguish, part, fraction  
small, tiny, few, young  
eight, 8  
six, 6  
to flourish, thrive, to become popular  
public, collectively owned, common, male (animal)  
just one of a several, unique, merely, only  
tool, device, equipment, instrument, to possess  
soldiers, an army, military  
beast, animal, bestial, ferocious  
sound of trumpet, horn or sharp noise (gunfire etc)  
to lie on one's stomach, to lean forward  
friendly, harmonious, amicable, peaceful relations  
to cling to, hold on to, push aside, strip off, rake up  
(exclamation particle in old Chinese)  
to hope, wish, (abbr. for Hebei 河北)  
crossroads, thoroughfare  

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