Radical 立

Used in:
new, newly, recent  
station, to stand, to halt, to stop  
border, boundary, place, circumstances  
should, ought to, to deal with, to answer, to respond  
to contact with, to connect, to receive, to welcome sb.  
position, location, place, seat  
parent, relative/intimate, close, kiss  
medal, badge, decoration, order, chapter, regulation  
to compete, to contend, to struggle  
child, children  
mirror, lens  
general, popular, everywhere, universal  
to pull, to drag, to play (string instruments)  
trash, garbage, of poor quality  
to touch, to meet with, to bump  
to give birth, to produce, estate  
to stand, to set up, to establish  
perseverance, endurance, resolute staunch  
to be exhausted, used up (resources), dried up  
end, extremity, item, port, margin  
firewood, fuel, salary  
Sentence-final particle as exclamation  
chart, list, score (music), spectrum (physics)  
to cry, to weep, to sob  
vertical, to erect, vertical stroke  
to hinder, block, obstruct  
grain, granule, [small round things]  
quiet, peaceful, to make tranquil, to pacify  
concubine, female servant  
broad bamboo rain hat  
all of a sudden, drizzle  
complete, finish  
the next, the following, bright, tomorrow  

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