Radical 禾

Used in:
harmony, peace, together with, Japan  
to rent, to hire, to charter, to lease out  
to cultivate, seed, breed, species, to grow, race  
fragrant, aromatic, savory or appetizing  
autumn, fall, harvest time  
season, period, the last month of a season  
branch of study, division, rules, laws  
favorable, profit, interest, to benefit, sharp (knife)  
outstanding, excellent, handsome, graceful  
to take advantage of, use means (i.e.transportation), multiplication  
somewhat, a little, a bit  
regulation, rule, order, procedure  
to remain, to be left, to have as remainder  
second (of time)  
to accumulate, to amass, to store, multiplication(math)  
to move, to shift, to change, to alter, to remove  
secret, secretary  
double, twice, combined, simultaneous  
appellation, to name, suitable, balanced, to weigh  
taxes, duties  
order, orderliness  
personal, private, selfish  
stable, settled, firm, reliable  
to entrust, to accumulate, committee member  
to penetrate, to pass through, soak, thoroughly  
rare, uncommon, watery, sparse  
稿 manuscript, draft, sketch  
clever, gifted, new and original, head of grain  
bald, blunt  
rice (Oraza sativa), paddy  
infantile, young  
sow grain  
mold, mildew, germ, bacteria, fungus  
dense, crowded, thick, viscosity  
steelyard, beam balance, Roman balance  
to grasp, to hold, to maintain  
Qin dynasty (221-207 BC) of the first emperor  
to inspect, to check, bow to the ground  
to crumble, to collapse, to decline, decadent, dejected  
dirt, filth  
to revive, to rise again  
to reach, utmost  
ear of grain, fringe, tassel  
flaky pastry, crunchy, limp, soft, silky  
seedling, shoots, sprouts  
to palpitate, fearful, afraid, perturbed  
cereal, grain  
straw, stalks left after threshing  
solemn, reverent, calm  
'god of cereals', minister of agricultur  

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