Radical 示

to show, altar

Used in:
to look at, to regard, to inspect  

to float, to drift, to bleach, elegant   西

ticket, ballot, bank note, person held for ransom   西

ceremony, gift, rite, etiquette, courtesy  

surface, sign, to mark, award, indication  

society, association, group, club, agency  

paragraph, section, funds, Model A,B,C  

to prohibit to forbid, to endure  

to examine, inspect, to look into  

border, edge, boundary  

to show, reveal  

to wish, to express good wishes  

good fortune, happiness, luck  

to flutter, to float  

what, how can one help  

to comfort, to console, to reassure  

God, mysterious, soul  

Religion, school of a teaching, ancestor  

disaster, misfortune, calamity  

ancestor, forefather, grandparents  

good omen, auspicious, kindly, benevolent, propitious  

official salary, good fortune  

Zen, meditation, dhyana (Sanskrit)  

lapel, overlap of Chinese gown, heart, aspiration  

to implore, to pray, to request  

to offer sacrifice  

to make a report (to a superior), petition, to give  


prayer, pray, to plead   寿

freezing, shiver with cold or fear, strict, afraid, stern  

to sacrifice, to offer libation to  

military officer  

ancestral hall, temple, to worship  

evil spirit, evil influence  


large, vast, abundant  

felicity, auspicious, propitious, good luck, euphoria  

auspicious, lucky  

(downwards-right concave character stroke), press down firmly  

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