Radical 石


Used in:
bowl, cup  

foundation, base  

to break, to tear, to defeat, worn out  

weight, code, number, to pile, to stack  

ore, mine   广

to grind, study, to rub, research  

sure, certain, authenticated, real  

huge, massive, large, big  

hard, solid, stiff, firm, resolutely  

to touch, to meet with, to bump  

to break into pieces, fragmentary  

to hinder, to obstruct, to block  

stone, rock, stone inscription, (100 liters)  

to chop, to cut down, to throw sth at sb  

magnetic, magnetism, porcelain  

to grind, polish, sharpen, wear down, waste time  

stele, an upright stone tablet, a monument  

land clearing, to develop, to expand, open up (land)  


to smash, crush, to fail, to get it wrong  

to employ, hire, to roll, record, write down  

carbon (chem. element C)  

1 pound (=454 grams), platform, balance, scales  

knock against sth hard, knock off (mud/dirt)  

consulting, deliberate, to polish  

rock, cliff  

green jade, bluish green, blue, jade  

sand, gravel, granule  

sulfur (chemistry)  

dish, plate, disk (CD/DVD)  

sound of crashing, thunder (onomatopoeia) "Pēng!"  

base, alkali, soda (chemistry)  

reef, shoal rock  

phosphorus (chemistry), water in rocks  

saltpeter, to tan (leather)  

to build by laying bricks or stones  

jetty, mole, breakwater  

silicon (chemistry)  

lumpy, rock pile, uneven, fig. sincere, open and honest   3

gravel, small stone  



firm, stable, rock  

room made of stone  

iodine (chemistry)  

millstone, stone roller, to grind, crush, husk  


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