Radical 矢

Used in:
wait, later, season, expect, visit, weather  
medical, doctor, to cure  
to know, to be aware  
short or brief, to lack, weak point, fault  
low, short (in length)  
clan, race, nationality, ethnicity  
to doubt, to misbelieve, to suspect  
'oh dear' or grunt/sigh of agreement, 'yes'  
rule, rectangular, carpenter's square, torque  
sickness, disease, hate, envy, swift  
adjacent, close to, to endure, in sequence  
jealousy, be jealous of  
arrow, dart, vector  
classical final particle, similar to modern 了  
bunch, crowded, gathered, gather foliage  
to correct, to rectify, to redress, brave, to feign  
dust, dirt, Ångström (=10^-10 m), Egypt  
until, wait for  

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