Radical 皿

Used in:
basket, goal  
dish, plate, tray, board, to coil  
warm, temperature  
small box, case  
benefit, profit, advantage, to increase  
lid, cover, seal, canopy  
basin, flower pot, unit of volume =128 l  
flourishing, to contain, vigorous, prosperous  
ferocious, violent, suddenly, fierce, abrupt  
oath, pledge, union, to ally, league  
full, filled, surplus  
to steal, to rob, to plunder, thief  
inner strength, contain/collect, accumulate, hold in store  
to chew  
knock against sth hard, knock off (mud/dirt)  
to supervise, jail, prison, hard, firm  
narrow, defile, pass, confined, in distress  
nobility, duke, baron, lord  
a small cup, classifier for lamps  
to overflow, to spill over  
infection, epidemic, plague, pestilence  
abundant, bowl, dish, pot  
eldest amongst brothers, first month of a season  
bowl, dish, vessel, shallow container  
to drive to insanity, to bewitch, intestinal parasite  
handleless cup, goblet  

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