Radical 疒

Used in:
sickness, illness, disease  
(it) hurts, ache, pain, sore  
thin, to lose weight  
pain, ache, sorrow, deeply, thoroughly  
medical treatment, to cure, therapy  
insane, mad, wild  
tired, weary, exhausted  
to itch, to tickle  
illness, disease, symptom  
epidemic, plague  
cancer, carcinoma  
sickness, disease, hate, envy, swift  
scar, traces  
jealousy, be jealous of  
paralyzed, limp  
disease, illness  
addiction, craving, strong urge  
to suffer (from illness), misfortune, worry  
paralysis, numbness  
pimple, rash, wart, pustule, swelling of the skin  
eczema, swelling or lump on skin, pimple  
crippled, lame  
stupid, imbecile, sentimental, foolish, silly  
convulsions, crazy, mentally deranged  
phlegm, spittle  
skin ulcer, sore  
chronic disease, guilt, remorse  
measles, rash, eczema  
infection, epidemic, plague, pestilence  
ulcer, infection  
spasm, cramp  
recover (from illness), be healed/cured  
habit, hobby  
scar, mark on the skin  
hemorrhoid, piles  
wart, nodule, clavus/corn  
deflated, shriveled, sunken, empty  
deficiency, blemish, flaw, defect  

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