Radical 田

Used in:
fruit, result, indeed  
electricity, electrical  
hello (on telephone), to feed (i.e. animal)  
to prepare, get ready, to provide or equip  
male, man  
tired, exhausted, continuous, repeat, implicate  
stay, to remain, to halt, to leave (eg a message)  
picture, to draw, painting  
boundary, scope, limit, extent, domain, society  
thin, slender, finely particulate, delicate  
strive, exert oneself, arouse  
thunder, terrific  
plan, strategy, outline, to rob, plunder  
armor, shell, fingernails  
foreign, ethnic from outside China, (number of) times or fold  
field, farm  
to store up, to grow (eg. a beard)  
livestock, domestic animal, to raise (animals)  
awe, reverence, to fear, to dread  
free, unimpeded, smooth, at ease, fluent  
arable field, cultivated field, class, category  
field-path, bank  
paralysis, numbness  
size of fields, (one fifteenth of a hectare)  
unbalanced, odd, irregular, abnormal, lopsided  
tenant farmer  
suburbs or outskirts  
to adjoin, adjacent, to border on  
to cuddle, embrace, fondle  
cramp, spasm, convulsion, twitch  
beat, hit, to grind, to beat (a drum)  
to put down, to leave behind, to abandon or discard  
puppet, dummy, marionette  
raised path between fields  

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