Radical 儿

Used in:
fragment, child  
a sleep, a nap, feel, find that, awake, aware  
complete, to finish, whole, entire  
border, boundary, place, circumstances  
Yuan, Chinese monetary unit, primary, first  
to subdue, to overthrow, gram  
to avoid, to escape, to excuse sb, to avert  
-less, not to have, no, none, to lack, un-  
light, ray, bright, merely, to use up  
to permit, to allow, grant, fair  
actually, unexpectedly, indeed  
satisfy, fulfill, substitute, substitute  
context, to gather, to unite, whole  
elder brother  
omen, to foretell, trillion (10^12), tera-  
bag, pocket, to take responsibility  
political party, association, society  
apprehensive, to be fearful, tremble  
(tiger)-stripes, a tiger-cat, streaks, veins  
rising to a height, towering, bald  
feeble, tiny, young and weak  
secondary rainbow  

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