Radical 一

Used in:
one, 1, single, a (article)  
(negative prefix), not, no  
upwards, on top, upon, above  
down(wards), below, lower, later, next (week etc)  
three, 3  
master, teacher, expert  
seven, 7  
unit of length zhàng = 3.3 meters, gentleman  
both, two, a few, tael(=50 grams unit = two ounces)  
business, occupation, study, estate, property  
ten thousand, a great number  
further, moreover, and, yet more  
focused on one thing, concentrated, special, expert  
with, and, (same as 欤)  
beautiful, pretty, elegant, fine  
to lose, to put aside, to abandon  
book, booklet, classifier for books  
deficiency, deficit, luckily  
silk, thread, trace  
to extinguish or put out, wipe out, to drown  
cluster, thicket, collection (of books)  
Third in order, 3rd heavenly stems 十天干  
sieve, filter, to sift, screening (medicine)  
to store, to save, stockpile  
rising to a height, towering, bald  
deputy, assist  
grand, great, glorious  

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