Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 辱



disgrace, dishonor, humiliation, to insult



Top: early-morning = image of plowing (At the field corner a first line is plowed by the farmer ), below: skillful hand


He had the plow in his skillful hands which he understood as: disgrace.


morning: 7-9 a.m.(Actually a dragon, but used as a plow: At the field corner a first line is plowed by the farmer )
skillful hand(Image of a hand forearm and pulse . It was originally also the distance of one inch (Length: 1 ts'wun = 3.72 cm) from the hand's palm to the pulse. This also stood for a small amount. In the mnemonic, it is used as "skillful hand".)
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辱骂 rǔ mà to insult; to revile; abuse; vituperation
凌辱 líng rǔ to insult
侮辱 wǔ rǔ to insult; to humiliate; dishonor
耻辱 chǐ rǔ disgrace; shame; humiliation
屈辱 qū rǔ to humiliate; humiliating

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