Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 求



ask for, to beg, seek, look for, request




Top: cover (here: one and drop ), below: water


[I'm dying of thirst:] Just one drop of water, this is my: request!


to beg, seek, request([I'm dying of thirst:] Just one drop of water , this is my: request!)
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要求 yāo qiú to request; to require; to stake a claim; to ask; to demand
祈求 qí qiú to pray for; to appeal
乞求 qǐ qiú to beg
请求宽恕 qǐng qiú kuān shù to sue for mercy; to ask for forgiveness; begging for magnanimity
哀求 āi qiú to entreat; to implore; to plead
力求 lì qiú to make every effort to; striving to do one's best
需求 xū qiú requirement; demand (economics)
实事求是 shí shì qiú shì to seek truth from facts (idiom); to be practical and realistic
请求 qǐng qiú request
追求 zhuī qiú to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly; to seek after; to woo
求证 qiú zhèng to seek proof; to seek confirmation

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