Memory phrase for the Kanji: 朝



government, morning, audience, pilgrimage


cháo, zhāo


Left: sunrise (The sun rises between plants .) [Sunset is: ], right: moon


At sunrise, when the moon is still there, it is the morning [zhāo] and I make a pilgrimage to the government [cháo].


the morningsunrise with the sun
sun riseThe sun rises between plants . The very similar radical stands for sunset. This seems bizarre, can be argued based on the characters for morning in comparison to evening 暮.
moon, monthWhen it is at the left in the character then often with the meaning "body part". If at the right, then as "moon, month, period".
sun riseThe sun above the horizon at sunrise.
Tip: Go to the radicals that are contained in this character and learn all the characters with this radical systematically!


 王朝  wáng cháo  dynasty
 六朝  Liù Cháo  Six Dynasties (220-589)
 朝鲜  Cháo xiǎn  Korean Joseon or Chosun dynasty 1392-1910; North Korea; Korea as geographic term
 朝廷  cháo tíng  court; imperial household; dynasty
 冀朝铸  Jì Cháo zhù  Ji Chaozhu (1929-), Chinese diplomat
 胳膊肘朝外拐  gē bo zhǒu cháo wài guǎi  the elbow turns the wrong way; to favor an outsider instead of someone on one's own side (idiom)
 倭马亚王朝  Wō mǎ yà wáng cháo  Umayyad empire (661-750, in Iberia -1031), successor of the Rashidun caliphate
 朝鲜筝  Cháo xiǎn zhēng  kayagum; Korean 12-stringed zither
 都铎王朝  Dū duó wáng cháo  Tudor dynasty, ruled England 1485-1603
 都铎王朝  Dū duó wáng cháo  

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