Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 息



breath, news, rest, interest



Top: oneself (The emphasized (= with an accent) eye shows the own self.), bottom: heart


I myself and my heart need breath.


heart(Image of a heart with coronary arteries.)
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利息 lì xī interest (on a loan)
窒息性毒剂 zhì xī xìng dú jì choking agent
窒息 zhì xī to choke; to stifle; to suffocate
栖息 qī xī to stay (for a rest); dwelling; perch (of birds)
瞬息 shùn xī in a flash; twinkling; ephemeral
歇息 xiē xi to have a rest; to stay for the night; to go to bed; to sleep
叹息 tàn xī to sigh; to gasp (in admiration)
气息 qì xī breath; smell; odor; flavor
休息 xiū xi rest; to rest
消息 xiāo xi news; information
信息 xìn xī information; news; message

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