Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 弊



harm, defeat, detriment, fraud



Top: shabby, (modest) I, myself (The cloth is hit/smashed 攵 into four pieces and then as shabby as I am.), below: two hands (twice this hand next to each-other and combined)


The four shabby pieces of cloth were striked by two hands and (now) are harmed.


shabby, poor((modest) I, myself)
rap, strike(Shows originally a hand with a whip . It is usually simplified to 攵. Other radicals with a hand are: )
two hands(twice this hand (with the fingers towards the top) side by side & simplified.)
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弊病 bì bìng malady; evil; malpractice; drawback; disadvantage
弊端 bì duān malpractice; abuse; corrupt practice
流弊 liú bì malpractice; long-running abuse

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