Memory phrase for the Kanji: 弄



to juggle, play with, lane, alley, to fool with


lòng, nòng


Top: king (here: four sticks: ,), bottom: two hands (twice this hand with the fingers towards the top; simplified & combined.)


With four sticks in the hands he is juggling, or playing in the alley.


two handstwice this hand (with the fingers towards the top) side by side & simplified.
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 弄清  nòng qīng  to clarify; to fully understand
 玩弄  wán nòng  to play with; to engage in; to resort to; to dally with
 愚弄  yú nòng  to make a fool out of; to fool; to dupe
 嘲弄  cháo nòng  to tease; to poke fun at; to make fun of
 嘲弄  cháo nòng  

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