Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 异



different, other, unusual, separate



(simplified from: ) Top: year of snake 巳 (here: self = Following the winding path I find myself.), bottom: two hands (= twice this hand next to each-other and combined)


The "self" of my two hands is different.


two hands(twice this hand (with the fingers towards the top) side by side & simplified.)
extraordinary, strange(This traditional was simplified to ("yì") and also means: different, other, hetero-)
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异常 yì cháng exceptional; abnormal; an anomaly
奇葩异卉 qí pā yì huì rare and exotic flora (idiom)
诛锄异己 zhū chú yì jǐ to wipe out dissenters; to exterminate those who disagree
异咯嗪 yì gē qín isoalloxazine (name of organic chemical)
甚感诧异 shèn gǎn chà yì amazed; astonished; deeply troubled
诧异 chà yì flabbergasted; astonished
瑰异 guī yì marvelous; magnificent
讶异 yà yì surprised
变异 biàn yì variation
差异 chā yì difference; discrepancy
异戊橡胶 yì wù xiàng jiāo isoprene rubber

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