Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 局



office, situation, authorities, classifier for games: match



Top: a buttocks in side view , below: phrase/clause (= sth. wrapped out of the mouth )


When the 'buttock' is talking phrases, it is like in the office.


buttocks in side view(This radical has the meaning: corpse . But because of its use in tail 尾 or urine 尿 or flatulence 屁, it is generally considered to mean 'buttocks'.)
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当局 dāng jú authorities
局面 jú miàn aspect; phase; situation
局部 jú bù part; local
全局 quán jú overall situation
总局 zǒng jú head office; general office; central office
局势 jú shì situation; state (of affairs)
邮局 yóu jú post office
僵局 jiāng jú impasse; deadlock
局促一隅 jú cù yī yú to be cramped in a corner (idiom)

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