Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 嚼



to chew


jiáo, jué


Left: mouth , right: nobility 爵 (A hand takes the plates 罒(=) to serve food skillfully to the nobility.)


Also the mouths of the nobility chew.


mouth, opening(This is a small square. If it is bigger: , it is an enclosure.)
reaching downwards(shows a hand reaching downwards to pluck sth.)
skillful hand(Image of a hand forearm and pulse . It was originally also the distance of one inch (Length: 1 ts'wun = 3.72 cm) from the hand's palm to the pulse. This also stood for a small amount. In the mnemonic, it is used as "skillful hand".)
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咀嚼 jǔ jué to chew; to think over
贪多嚼不烂 tān duō jiáo bù làn to bite off more than one can chew (idiom)
嚼舌头 jiáo shé tóu to gossip; to argue unnecessarily

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