Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 喷



to spout, to spray, to spurt, to puff


pēn, pèn


Left: mouth , right: 贲 (grasses/thirty , money )


The mouth spouts 30x money.


mouth, opening(This is a small square. If it is bigger: , it is an enclosure.)
plants, grasses
two hands(twice this hand (with the fingers towards the top) side by side & simplified.)
shell, money
Tip: Go to the radicals that are contained in this character and learn all the characters with this radical systematically!


喷射 pēn shè to spurt; to spray; to jet; spurt; spray; jet
喷嘴 pēn zuǐ nozzle; extrusion nozzle
喷雾 pēn wù mist spray; atomizing
喷洒 pēn sǎ to spray; to sprinkle
涡轮喷气发动机 wō lún pēn qì fā dòng jī turbojet
喷嚏 pēn tì sneeze
打嚏喷 dǎ tì pen to sneeze

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