Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 吃



to eat, to have a meal, to absorb




Left: mouth , right: to beg (There lies [= a lying person ] a disadvantaged [= from the second class of society] and begs) (second = two written quickly)


It's for the mouth when you beg for sth. to eat.


mouth, opening(This is a small square. If it is bigger: , it is an enclosure.)
to beg(Top: horizontal person , below: odd/fine/grade B/2nd (There lies an oddly nice but second rated beggar.))
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吃饭 chī fàn to eat a meal
吃惊 chī jīng to be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed
省吃俭用 shěng chī jiǎn yòng to live frugally; to economize on food and clothing; to scrimp and save
吃一堑,长一智 chī yī qiàn , cháng yī zhì Fall into the moat and you'll be wiser next time (idiom). One only learns from one's mistakes.
蹭吃蹭喝 cèng chī cèng hē to cadge a meal
蹭吃 cèng chī to freeload for food

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