Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 何



what, how, why, which



Left: person /, right: possibility, can (The nail into the opening should be possible.)


The person can do what?


person(This radical is understood as an identical variant of "person" , and shows a person who stands with the legs apart. - This radical has several varation, i.e. a lying person , a sitting person.)
be possible
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如何 rú hé how; what way; what
无论如何 wú lùn rú hé anyhow; anyway; whatever
任何 rèn hé any; whatever; whichever; whatsoever
几何 jǐ hé geometry; how much
何以 hé yǐ whence
何尝 hé cháng (rhetorical question) when?; how?; it's not that...
无可奈何 wú kě nài hé have no way out; have no alternative
奈何 nài hé to do something to sb; to deal with; to cope; how?; to no avail

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